Hi, I'm Louisa.

My approach to art doesn’t consist of replicating reality but rather it opens our imagination instead. I seek to create pieces that inspire the perceiver to resonate with something spirited and expressive. You know that inexplicable feeling that grows deep inside when you look at art you LOVE... That is my "why!"

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From the Collectors

  • “I am absolutely blown away and speechless. What a stunningly beautiful piece. This is so so so special and super blessed you captured my two beautiful girls with your magical painting."

  • "I am walking around the house with it in my hands, staring at it, smiling, loving it and putting it up on so many different walls to see where this masterpiece would suit best. Thank you again and looking forward to many more amazing pieces in the future."

  • "We were absolutely blown away with the artwork and the attention to detail. Thank you for organising the framing and postage and for going above and beyond by providing us with such wonderful service. Absolutely brilliant”.

  • Australian-made fine art paintings and commissions


    Each piece is uniquely handmade in Australia with equal parts self expression, emotion, and creativity.

  • Inspired by nature, life portraiture, and femininity

    I believe strongly in finding beauty and art in all aspects of life.

  • Australian-made fine art paintings and commissions framed locally

    Framed locally

    All pieces are carefully packaged and framed (on request) by experts around in Australia.